Is There a Cure For Asian Flush?

The short answer is yes, but until recently, the majority of Asian Flush cures involved making extensive dietary changes, which at best could be inconvenient and at worst could be massively complicated. If you are a sufferer of Asian flush, the question you really want answered is, “Is there a simple cure for Asian Flush?” To find the answer, read on…

What is “Asian Flush” and why do I suffer from it?

In essence, Asian Flush is a skin reaction to alcohol. It’s also known as “Asian Red Face” or “Alcohol Flush Reaction” and those terms are pretty descriptive! Almost 50 per cent of Asian people suffer the embarrassment of a red or “glowing” face when they drink alcohol, and in some cases, the skin of both the face and the neck can take on an unsightly blotchy and sometimes swollen appearance. If this is happening to you, it can understandably lead to anxiety in social situations and the red appearance of your skin can lead to people jumping to conclusions about your physical and/or emotional state.

The symptoms are the result of an inactive enzyme named Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2). This enzyme is responsible for the breakdown and processing of alcohol in the body, and it’s also the missing link in terms of why Asian people suffer a flush reaction and Caucasian people typically do not. Caucasians generally possess two active copies of the ALDH2 enzyme which allows for the normal breakdown and metabolism of alcohol. Affected Asians, on the other hand, typically possess only one active copy of ALDH2 and another inactive copy which results in an inability to process alcohol efficiently. The consequent slowing of the metabolic process leads to a build-up of acetaldehyde (a by-product of the breakdown of alcohol) in the body, and this manifests into the symptoms of Asian Flush.

Asian Flush symptoms are the result of an imbalance in your body’s metabolic processes so if any Asian Flush “cure” is to be effective, it must correct and restore the natural balance or provide an alternative way of supporting your body as it process alcohol, which is what AF Formula does so well. In recent times, one of the most popularly used methods of counteracting symptoms has been to take antacids before drinking alcohol. But, while this may help to lessen the degree of flushing in some individuals, it is by no means a cure-all approach or a healthy approach in the long-term. It’s also an approach that requires an element of “being prepared” for alcohol consumption with the need to take an antacid around an hour in advance … which is hardly conducive to enjoying a normal, oftentimes spontaneous, social life!

So is there an Asian Flush cure that I can use without making any changes to my diet?

Yes, AF Formula™ offers a new and simple approach to managing your alcohol flush reaction. It is a convenient, natural, and proven Asian Flush cure which is transforming the social lives of Asian people all over the world. The formula is as simple to take as a daily dietary supplement and it allows sufferers to enjoy alcohol anytime without any embarrassing symptoms … unless of course you choose to overdo it: there is no “cure” for inebriated dodgy dance-floor moves or karaoke performances! However, in terms of eradicating the common symptoms of redness, blotchiness, headaches and nausea associated with Asian Flush, AF Formula™ has a 91 per cent success rate.

What are some of the natural ingredients in the AF Formula™ Asian Flush cure?

Passion Flower – this plant is a centuries old natural remedy for the treatment of stress and anxiety.
Primula Officinalis Flower – this plant contains naturally calming properties which relieve nervous tension without generating any drowsiness.
Valerian Root – this plant has long been recognized as a natural treatment for the symptoms of anxiety. This is due to its role in helping to increase GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) production in your brain which in turn helps to induce a sense of calm.

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The combination of active herbal ingredients along with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients helps to support the lack of the inactive enzyme (Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 – ALDH2) in your body. Taking two tablets each day makes it possible for your body to process alcohol in the same way as someone possessing two active copies of the ALDH2 enzyme. This means you are free to enjoy sharing a social drink at any time without fear of flushing or blotching. So, in answer to the question of whether there is a simple Asian Flush cure available; there is now! Get started and try our revolutionary supplement for yourself. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee because we want to make sure that you have enough time to ensure it works for you.


  1. LeoLeo10-10-2012

    I’m Leo from Philippines. I’m looking for the best and effective vitamins or food supplement, naturally to cure my asian flush. I’m here in malaysia now. I want to try this AF formula.
    Can you advice me, where can I buy here in malaysia. … hoping for your reply

    • adminadmin10-10-2012

      Hi Leo

      Thanks for your question.

      AF Formula is available via this website only. We don’t stock it in stores around the world. Order online here any time of day or night and we’ll ship it to you the next day, with free shipping.


      Ann Li
      Customer Service

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