Asian Flush Syndrome

One of the biggest problems with Asian Flush Syndrome is that unless you are in the company of fellow sufferers who understand the condition, your symptoms are likely to have a negative impact on the way people respond to you. The embarrassing symptoms only appear when alcohol is consumed but, unfortunately, they are not symptoms that are easily ignored, with the most obvious of all being a bright red face!

If you have experienced the embarrassment of “glowing” red after drinking alcohol, the good news is that you are not alone. Asian Flush Syndrome, also known as Asian Red Face or Asian Glow, is experienced by almost 50 per cent of all Asian people. This means that in the company of other Asians, you have a fifty-fifty chance of having your red face mirrored by the red faces of those around you!

Avoiding Social Events Because of Your Asian Flush Syndrome

Of course, not every social occasion involving alcohol is going to place you in a room full of people who are likely to be aware of Asian Flush Syndrome. And not everyone you meet is going to have an understanding of the reason for your red face. Many sufferers confess that the fear of going bright red at certain social events has actually stopped them from going at all, and many others report feeling so anxious about their symptoms that they are unable to relax and enjoy themselves when they do go. However, this is your life and you deserve to live it and have fun like anyone else. Hiding away from social events because you’re afraid of going red, is only going to make you look back with deep regret when you’re older. Now is the time to live and enjoy yourself. You need to tackle your Asian Flush Syndrome head on, before it ruins your life and limits your potential.

Imagine this…

You are up for a promotion at your work but the final decision is yet to be made. The CEO and other key movers and shakers within your company are holding an informal lunch meeting to “get to know” the candidates a little better. You know that alcohol is going to be served along with a buffet lunch, so what do you do? You have three options:

1. Don’t go.
2. Don’t have any alcohol with your lunch.
3. Have a drink and hope against hope that Asian Flush Syndrome does not cause your superiors to view you differently.

Okay, option 1 is clearly not an option. Option 2 is not as simple as it sounds; not having a drink can make you appear “unsociable” when sharing a bottle of wine or similar is part of the event proceedings and an important element of the informal atmosphere. Especially, if part of your work culture is to have a drink during business lunches. So, option 3 would appear to be your best bet. However, let’s be honest, your bright red face is unlikely to go unnoticed by your superiors, and much as you want to stand out from the crowd, you want it to be for entirely different reasons! As superficial as it may sound, it’s only natural that a bright red face should be construed as an indicator of low self-confidence or of having had a few too many glasses of wine – either way, it’s not going to boost your chances of getting that promotion.

Option 4!

Thankfully, you now have another option. You can choose to eradicate your symptoms by taking a completely natural Asian Flush Cure that helps your body to cope with alcohol consumption without getting a red face. Your reaction to alcohol is down to your genetics. If you suffer facial flushing when you drink, you have a enzyme deficiency in your body that is preventing you from metabolizing alcohol efficiently. You can’t change your genetic make-up, but you can change the way your body to reacts to alcohol by giving it the nutrients it needs to make up for the mutant enzyme. Option 4 is to take two AF Formula™ capsules every day and to join the growing number of ex-symptom sufferers who are now able to relax and enjoy any social occasion without fear of becoming the center of attention for all the wrong reasons!


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