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How to Avoid Asian Glow

How To Avoid Asian Glow

In a world where alcohol is used for every type of celebration and has become synonymous with having good time, turning bright red in the face after a few sips of alcohol can lead to an endless barrage of questions, strange suggestions and even nasty comments. Those who show concern will ask you whether you are okay, question you about …

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Asian Drinking and Red Face: It’s Now Ancient History…

Asian Drinking Red Face

Asians who go red in the face when drinking alcohol is a very common problem that, until recently, was ignored by the health industry. Goldwin Health stepped up and invested a lot of time and money into researching and testing the best natural ingredients, which resulted in the world’s first and only proven to work supplement for Asian Glow called …

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Are You Looking for an Asian Flush Treatment that Really Works?

Asian Flush Treatment

It was generally believed that there is no Asian Flush treatment; fortunately this is not true and Asian Flush sufferers can now find long term relief with a natural combination of amino acids, herbs, vitamins and minerals that work synergistically to, not only treat the symptoms of Asian Flush, but also to ensure that you can enjoy your alcoholic drink …

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Does Anyone Know How to Stop Asian Glow?

How To Stop Asian Glow

You’d think that with all the scientific and medicinal breakthroughs in the last 50 years, someone would have worked out how to stop Asian Glow. Well, before Goldwin Health decided to work on the problem and invest loads of money into research and development, sufferers of Asian glow had basically no help from the health industry. The result is AF …

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The Best Way to Treat Asian Red Flush

Asian Red Flush 1

Asian Red Flush is a colloquial term used to describe the condition known as Asian Flush Syndrome or Alcohol Flush Reaction. This condition, whose main symptom is a profound and deep red facial flush, is found most predominantly in East Asia and in those of East Asian descent. Essentially, whenever a person with this condition drinks alcohol, they will usually …

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Red Cheeks and Alcohol: The Asian Flush Syndrome Connection

Red Cheeks Alcohol

Red cheeks and alcohol are a common sight in the Far East, or in those of East Asian descent. Although this condition, which is medically known as Asian Flush Syndrome, is commonly thought to be caused by an allergic reaction to alcohol, the truth is that people with this condition actually metabolize alcohol much faster and more efficiently than those …

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What is Asian Alcohol Flush Reaction?

Asian Alcohol Flush Reaction

Asian Alcohol Flush Reaction is a genetic condition that affects approximately one in three East Asians or people of East Asian descent; this condition is so prevalent amongst Asians that it is commonly referred to as Asian Flush and Asian Glow. The condition is officially known as Alcohol Flush Reaction or Alcohol Flush Syndrome. What it Means to Suffer from …

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Are Asians Allergic to Alcohol?

Are Asians Allergic To Alcohol

People often ask, ‘Are Asians allergic to alcohol?’ On the contrary, Asians in general have a specific gene variation which allows them to metabolize alcohol much more efficiently. The problem arises in about a third of the population who also have a defective gene that makes it difficult for them to rid their bodies of the by-product of metabolized alcohol …

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What is Oriental Flush Syndrome?

Oriental Flush Syndrome 1

Oriental Flush Syndrome or Asian Flush Syndrome, as it is known medically, is a genetic condition that affects mostly East Asians and those of East Asian descent; although it can also be found amongst other race groups including Caucasians, but it is much less prevalent. Although the symptoms of Oriental Flush can be very uncomfortable, it does not prevent a …

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The Asian Glow

The Asian Glow

Knowing that something is wrong, but not having a name or an answer can be one of the most frustrating things anyone can experience. Every time you drink alcohol, you experience a gambit of different emotions as your body erupts in various uncomfortable and embarrassing ways. Do you ever feel like this? Do you feel anxious about the thought of …

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